The farm is located in Etna Archi district of the town of Riposto, fertile alluvial soil, rich in water and ideal for any crop. The strategic location of the port of Riposto, natural harbor of Etna, in the past has encouraged the marketing of agricultural products from Etna. Our company has existed for a century, four generations have followed in the conduct of the vineyard before (until 1950) of citrus and then (until 2000) to reach the current horticultural vocation. The boom in citrus was due to the dramatic changes to horse of the Second World War. The altitude where the climate allowed the vineyards were uprooted to make room for much more lucrative citrus crop. The trace of the past is evident, however, remained inside the historic farmhouse. “U parmento " that is the place where it was processing grapes is still visible at the entrance of the restaurant and the ancient tools of wine making are jealously guarded. Although the era of citrus suffered a deep crisis. Excessive production costs do not correspond to the appropriate market prices in a few decades have caused the failure of citrus The vegetables and the farmhouse are the present. We specialize in the cultivation of early potato, potato and sweet potato leap. Artichokes and asparagus in spring, summer is the season of eggplants, peppers, zucchini and green beans. The pumpkin is the queen of autumn. Cauliflower and broccoli close the year. In the field experiment with different varieties of vegetables. In the kitchen the chef is looking for new and old flavors. Agriculture has put us in the service of food. Vegetables are the richness of our cuisine, our menus always include a variety of appetizers, condiments and sauces made with seasonal vegetables. Our philosophy is to cook what nature, wiser than us, from our health depending on the season. .